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Construction Estimator (Online)


As a construction estimator you will collect data to calculate the full cost and prepare an estimate for a wide range of construction projects. This comprehensive certificate trains you to use drawings and specifications to establish a cost structure of materials, labour and equipment. You will gain an understanding of contract bid management and the legal concepts that affect the bidding process, such as building codes, standards, statues, regulations, contracts, safety and union labour agreements. We’ll delve into the roles that key stakeholders, such as general contractors, sub-contractors, project managers, suppliers and estimators, hold during the preparation and submission of a bid. You’ll also learn how to perform post-project cost analysis to refine future estimating tactics.

Admission Requirements

  • 19 years or older, or completed an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent
  • Basic Windows computer and internet skills (managing files and folders, keyboarding, email and Internet searches)
  • Recommended: a general knowledge of spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel

Some courses require additional textbooks and/or materials. Please visit your campus store in-person or online: Peterborough Campus Store or Lindsay Campus Store.

You have 5 years to complete the requirements of your certificate. Once you have completed all certificate requirements, please complete this form to request a Certificate audit.

Courses in Construction Estimator (Online)

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Construction Drawings and Methods (CNST070)

This introduction to construction drawings and methods provides a useful foundation for those who are would like to continue their studies in managing a construction project or estimating its cost. We will go over basic blueprint reading and common methods of construction, from soil excavation to roof design and discuss legal concepts of building/planning codes and statutes. You will gain a foundation of residential/commercial construction principles, and codes in practice today. Prerequisite: A sound mathematics and English background as well as a good understanding of MS Word are important for success in this course.

Introduction to Cost Estimating (CNST076)

This course is intended to explain the process of construction estimating from the contract documents to the methods of measuring material quantities used in general contracting offices. This will enable the student to understand the position of estimator within the business of construction management both in the contractor and sub-contractor's world. The course will concentrate on 'taking-off' methods of materials using simple residential and commercial exercises.

Material Estimating and Methods (CNST090)

Discover a proven method of cost estimating that will help you determine material quantities and unit cost for a complete commercial project. Utilizing the excel spreadsheet from the previous course CNST076 (Introduction to Cost estimating) and embarking on the industry software 'Timberline', the participants will be able to use the documents created in the workplace. Cost estimating will be the focus of this course. The build-up and calculations of unit costs for materials, labour and equipment by extension to your 'takeoff' job estimates will be the fundamental part of this course.

Construction Contract Bid Mgmt (CNST091)

Overseeing a construction process requires knowledge in site management, material ordering, scheduling and cost control processes. Gain the basic knowledge of General Contracting and estimating, additional understanding of Tender Documents for all project types and knowledge of computerized estimating and unit price control. We will also examine the roles in an estimating team and importance of bid management.

Construction Job Site Management (CNST170)

Develop skills in jobsite administration and documentation, layout, set up, supervision, and safety. Contract types and the Construction Lien Act will be discussed along with a review of the programs that are available to help in managing the jobsite. Participants will require an existing knowledge of materials estimating and methods.

Electives - choose 1

Commercial Construction Principles (CNST226)

Study the various building materials and construction methodologies used in commercial construction, including their durability, availability, ease of construction, and aesthetic perspective. Review of commercial construction drawings and specifications. A variety of learning tools including standard building practices, commercial working drawings, and trade publication websites are introduced in this course. Review standard building practices, commercial working drawings, and trade publication websites. Students should be familiar with general construction principles.

Construction Industry (CNST210)

Explore the many facets of the construction industry as you increase your awareness of industry factors and various participants and stakeholders that are typically involved in a commercial construction project, as well as and issues such as impact on the economy, safety, environmental, and use of technology. This course has achieved accreditation by the Gold Seal Accreditation Board of the Canadian Construction Association.

Microsoft Excel Core (COMP221)

Learn to use Microsoft Excel to create and format spreadsheets in order to analyze data and make more informed business decisions. You will discover how to create, edit, format and print workbooks; use mathematical formulas and functions; create and format charts and shapes; insert images; cut, copy and paste data. Software: Excel 2016, 2019 or 365. Not suitable for MAC users.

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