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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

Academic Advising

Academic Advising

We're here for you!

The Fleming Academic Advising Team offers students academic advice and information designed to support their success while at Fleming.

Why talk to an Academic Advisor?

  • You require assistance with your transition to College
  • Your need referral(s) to College
  • You need information about transfer credits
  • You're considering pathways to ongoing education (i.e. diploma to degree)
  • You have academic concerns

What can you expect from an Academic Advisor?

  • A friendly, approachable, and inclusive environment
  • Provide support to you as needed and assist with your transition to college
  • Help link you to other resources at Fleming that you may not be aware of
  • Help link you to community resources as needed
  • Help clarify and set achievable academic goals
  • Offer advice on changing programs
  • Provide information about College policies and procedures that may assist you

What does your Academic Advisor expect from you?

  • To be proactive! Speak to us before major problems occur. We want to help you!
  • To approach us with respect, honesty, and an open mind
  • To come prepared with questions and leave with an action plan

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