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Personal Safety

Personal Safety Table of Contents

Walk Safe Service

Uniformed Guards are available to meet you and walk with you anywhere on campus. To arrange a time to meet one of our guards call extension 8000 or come to the Information Booth by the main entrance.

Theft Prevention

While incidents of theft on campus are rare, the Department of Security & Safety encourages students and employees to be vigilant about their personal property. Laptops, iPods, Digital Cameras and Bicycles are the main target for thieves.


  • Never leave your property unattended in a lab or classroom.
  • Do not store anything in your locker overnight.
  • Use a quality lock on your locker and bicycle. For bicycles a U-lock is best.
  • Document the serial numbers of all your electronics and your bicycle and keep the list in a safe place with the receipts.
  • Do not leave anything on the seats of your car that may attract the attention of a thief.
  • If you property is stolen report it to Security immediately.

Self Defence

The Department of Security & Safety offers a free self defence course to female students and employees. Watch for posters and email bulletins about the next class or contact John Gallen, Manager of Security & Safety for information.

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