Computer Engineering Technician

September 2019

Availability: Accepting Applications
Credential: Ontario College Diploma ( 4 semesters )
Classes begin:
September 03, 2019
Offered at:
Sutherland Campus
Program code:
Tuition & Ancillary Fees:
$2,568.31 per semester*
$8,365.63 per semester*
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* 2018/2019 fees are displayed.
   Tuition for 2019/2020 is subject to change.

Learn to program, support and troubleshoot computer hardware and software in this four-semester program.

Program Highlights

With this program, you will gain skills in computer networking and configuration, network security, and technical communications.

You will also learn about solving computer problems that can cause both major costs and setbacks for businesses, whether due to a major hardware failure or a minor software incompatibility. Your core courses are complemented by training in oral and written communications, customer relations, and team work. There's plenty of hands-on learning, putting the theory you learn in the classroom into practice.

Upon graduation, you'll have the broad-based, transferable skills that are in demand with a firm foundation for a career configuring hardware and software for computer systems. You'll also find opportunities troubleshooting problems in systems both before and after delivery to the customer or client.

  • Prepare for industry certification exams such as A+ and Cisco Networking.
  • This program has received National Accreditation through the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board. Graduates are recognized by the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists as meeting all the academic requirements for certification in the Certified Engineering Technician (Ctech) category.
  • You have the opportunity to transfer to the three-year Computer Engineering Technology diploma.

Why Choose Fleming

Smaller classes mean more attention from dedicated faculty to help you meet challenges, and our broad-based approach to instruction will ensure versatility in your future career. Through our partnerships with computer hardware and software industry leaders, we're able to direct our grads to satisfying careers in the field.

Is this You?

These traits and abilities will help you succeed:

  • curiosity about how computers work
  • enjoy working with people/teams
  • interested in working hands-on with the latest computer technology
  • excellent analytical skills (important for problem solving)
  • experience working with computers, programming an asset

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities for skilled technicians exist in a wide range of organizations, with roles such as:

  • Embedded system support
  • Customer service representative
  • Technical sales and support representative
  • Technical support analyst
  • Computer user support
  • Systems testing technician
  • Help desk technician

Self-employment is another career direction.

Additional Costs

Plan on $1,300 per year for books and supplies.

Minimum Admission Requirements

Students applying to Computer Engineering Technician must meet the following requirements:

  • OSSD including Gr 12 C English and Gr 11 C Math

OSSD with majority of courses at College (C ) or Open (O) unless otherwise stated.
Grade 12 C courses will be accepted where Gr 11 C course requirements are listed.
Where College level courses are listed, U and M courses will be accepted.
Two Gr 11 courses will be accepted in lieu of a Gr 12 course requirement.

Mature Students

If you are 19 years of age or older before classes start, and you do not possess an OSSD, you can write the Canadian Adult Achievement Test to assess your eligibility for admission. Additional testing or academic upgrading may be necessary to meet specific course requirements for this program.

Tuition Detail

Tuition and ancillary fees are subject to change without notice. The fees presented below reflect Fall start programs only for the current academic year. For details about the fee differences for other program start dates please refer to the below.

Transfer Agreements

You may be able to use credits obtained at Fleming College to continue your postsecondary education in pursuit of a degree. The articulation and credit transfer agreements with our partner institutions are summarized below.

Institute of Technology Sligo

  • Minimum 60% cumulative average
  • A Bachelor of Science (Ordinary) in Computing in Systems &
  • Networking graduate will be eligible to achieve a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computing in Systems &
  • Networking through one additional year of study.
Transfer Credit
  • Entry into 3rd year studies of a 3-year program
  • Refer to the articulation agreement for further details.

To apply please see the KOM Consultants website.

For more information
Visit the Institute of Technology Sligo website for further articulation and program information.

Ontario Tech University

  • Minimum mid-70% cumulative average
  • Successful completion of the UOIT IT Bridge program.
Transfer Credit
  • 45 out of a 120 credit degree
  • Refer to for further details.

To apply please see the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) website.

For more information
Visit the Ontario Tech University website for further articulation and program information.
Visit the website for agreement information.

Sheridan College

  • Minimum 75% cumulative average
  • Successful completion of the Sheridan College Information Systems Security Bridge program.
Transfer Credit
  • Refer to for further details.

To apply please see the Ontario Colleges website.

For more information
Visit the Sheridan College website for further articulation and program information.
Visit the website for agreement information.

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