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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

Gift in Kind Donations

Gifts-in-kind and gifts of equipment are integral to the success of the hands-on learning approach offered through a college education. Students have unrestricted access to the appropriate tools and technologies that form the foundation of their educational experience and career success.

A gift-in-kind of equipment, materials, or services enables the College to provide real training for real jobs. Your gift gives students a huge advantage to excel academically and professionally and enter the Ontario job market.

Some of the gift-in-kind donations that have benefited students in enhancing their skills and building experience include:

Fleming's vision is to be an innovative, transformative and ambitious College that inspires students to excel in their careers, lead in their communities, and succeed in their lives. Your gift will serve to strengthen that inspiration, and motivate our students to achieve their very best at Fleming and beyond.

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