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Reginald Eddy makes history as first diploma student to win Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award


reginald-eddyReginald Eddy, Urban Forestry Technician (UFT) student, has been selected for the Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award! Reginald is one of four winners – two from Canada, two from the United Kingdom – chosen by the Canadian Institute of Forestry for an international forestry student exchange program this summer.

This award is offered to recent graduates or students in diploma, undergraduate degree or master’s degree forestry programs. Reginald is the first diploma student ever selected for the $12, 000 bursary award, which includes the opportunity to travel to the United Kingdom for an internship in interdisciplinary forest experience in policy, planning and field work.

“Having the opportunity to work in the United Kingdom is something I can barely imagine,” said Reginald, who is leaving Canada for his internship in mid-June. “Forestry management practices are very well developed in European countries and there is much for me to learn from this experience. I am looking forward most to being emerged in such a culturally significant part of the world.”

The Fleming student applied for the award to gain employment experience and further his career. He hopes the internship will further his understanding of the forestry industry and add international connections to his professional network.

“This is an incredible achievement for Reg, for our program and for Fleming College. We are so proud of him,” said Tom Mikel, Forestry and Urban Forestry Technician program coordinator, in the Fleming College news release.

Reginald said he applied to Fleming’s UFT program because he wanted a career that was both enjoyable and made an impact on environmental issues.

“Including all of the bridges the UFT program offers with Canadian universities, my experience at Fleming College has opened many doors in my career,” said Reginald. “I’m happy to say that my experience has been fantastic and I can continue my education with the confidence I have found in the Urban Forestry Technician program.”

Reginald is continuing his studies in September at the University of British Columbia to earn his Bachelor of Urban Forestry degree through Fleming’s transfer agreement.

“During my time at Fleming College, I have grown into an individual that I never thought I could become. With the support of great faculty and colleagues, I feel that on my way ‘out the door’ I am fully equipped with all the knowledge that I need to take on the challenges the urban forestry industry can dish out,” he said.