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New Fleming College faculty complete New Faculty Experience program


Congratulations to Charlie Baker, David Dixon, Cyndy Broughton, Matt Purvis, Julie Wilson, Cody Simpson, Jason Gear, Helder Pinheiro and Brian Saxon for completing the New Faculty Experience (NFE) program at Fleming College!

Participants received their NFE completion certificates electronically, as the celebratory event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This photo was taken in August 2019 and features the NFE participants and Fleming’s Learning Design & Support (LDS) Team members.

The NFE program, designed and facilitated by Fleming’s LDS Team, supports new faculty members throughout their first year of full-time teaching at Fleming. It is designed to promote collaboration and develop exceptional instruction and assessment practices.

Throughout the program, new full-time faculty meet regularly as a learning community with the support of Teaching & Learning Specialists from the LDS Team to share their experiences, give each other feedback on their lesson-planning and teaching, and connect with Fleming resources in order to best support all of our learners. Due to COVID-19, the program was adapted to a virtual format with group meetings held via Webex and additional supports offered to help faculty move classes online.

“Our participants were able to continue sharing successes and issues with the group, and learning from each other as well as seeking support from the LDS Team,” said Mary Overholt, Teaching & Learning Specialist. “And we got to know our participants even better as, on occasion, pets and children made appearances on camera too!”

Congratulations to all of the new Fleming College faculty who completed this program!