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Adam Wolski took a trail to success through Fleming’s Forestry Technician program


adam-wolskiIt was an interest in forests and ecology that led Adam Wolski to Fleming College’s School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences.

“I wanted to work in the forest, but I needed to learn more about them and the practices used during forestry operations,” said Adam.

He decided to take Fleming’s Forestry Technician program to learn more and describes his post-secondary experience as “incredible.”

This two-year program teaches students to work effectively in natural resources management. It covers traditional forestry skills, such as compassing and tree identification, as well as how to use high tech industry software.

“The teachers and staff are so kind and want to see you succeed, and it motivates you to do the best that you can,” he said.

Adam, who graduated from Frost Campus this year, said he recommends the program to those who are interested in forests, the animals that inhabit them, and how it all comes together as an ecosystem.

Today, the Fleming graduate is happy to call the woods his workplace. Adam is working for Jackfish River Management in Hornepayne, Northern Ontario as a Forestry Technician.

“Due to my experiences at Fleming College, I was able to get this job,” said Adam. “Once I got started, I was aware of the work we were doing because it was all taught to me during the duration of my program.”

Adam is responsible for supervising tree planting and inspection, conducting Free to Grow surveys and post-harvest surveys, and creating harvest maps using ArcGIS and aerial images. His favourite task, he said, is supervising and inspecting the trees during a tree plant.

Adam’s advice to current and future students is to persevere through challenges. “I would like to tell them not to give up on anything,” he said.