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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

Michael Letki

Michael Letki
Michael Letki has been making jewellery for over 50 years. After graduating from art school in England, he came to Canada where he and partner Paula Letki operated the jewellery studio Letki Designs for over 20 years. Michael has taught at Sheridan and Mohawk Colleges and was involved in the training of many apprentices through his own studio, many of whom went on to be successful artists/jewellers. He has been teaching at the Haliburton School of Art + Design for over 25 years. Michael has received several awards for his work, notably from the Ontario Arts Council and the International Gold Corporation. He has also held the position of studio advisor for Sheridan College and Harbourfront Craft Studios. Currently, he is pursuing his arts interests in image making and jewellery making.

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