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Writing For Professionals Certificate (Online)

Program Highlights

A professionally written document is articulate, persuasive, concise, and usable. Experienced faculty will hone your competency in grammar and spelling and refine your writing style for a variety of different applications, from professional and concise business documents to web based communications. Exchange ideas with a group of like-minded peers as you learn how to plan, structure, manage and promote your written work.

Is this You?

This is an essential certificate for anyone whose job includes writing, editing or proof reading as well as those who want to add these skills to their resume for a competitive edge.

Career Prospects

  • Technical writer, manual preparation
  • Consulting and Research Firms
  • Editor/Proof reader
  • Online contributor
  • Publishing Industry, including non-fiction author
  • Professional development for office and administrative staff

Recommended skills and pre-requisites

Basic Windows computer and Internet skills (managing files and folders).

Some courses require additional textbooks and/or materials. Please visit your campus store in-person or online: Peterborough Campus Store or Lindsay Campus Store.

Certificates must be completed within five years. Once you have completed all certificate requirements, please contact us again for your official certification.

Courses in Writing For Professionals Certificate (Online)

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Mandatory Courses

Grammar for Writing Professionals (LANG028)

Gain experience in the editing and proofreading process, recognizing and correcting errors in accordance with accepted Canadian standards. You will also study the importance of working as part of an editing team to help produce acceptable full length manuscripts. You should already possess competent English language skills including basic grammar (or Writing Grammatically - LANG 35).

Technical Communications (COMM084)

Engage in various technical writing problems that will challenge you to generate practical solutions that are clear, focused and expressed in appropriate language style. Develop the sound thinking and planning skills that are fundamental to communicating successfully in technical fields. In addition, you will conduct online research, collaborate with other learners and format technical information to industry standards using text and graphics on your computer.

Business Report Writing (COMM058)

Learn how to structure written reports from memos to formal presentations in a way that is precise, clear and easy to read. This course is ideal for anyone who finds the report writing demands of the job outstrip their training. Master reports through a series of ten assignments ranging from simple memos to formal reports under the guidance of a professional writer.

Writing Grammatically (LANG035)

Catch up on the rules of English grammar in a comprehensive, easy-to-follow manner. We will review sentence parts, explain sentence structuring in depth, and conduct a practical review of stylistic conventions in business writing.

Electives (3 Required)

Writing for Publication I (COMM071)

Examine the publishing process and available opportunities for writers as well as the key elements of major genres. You will follow the various steps of manuscript preparation, from query letter to polished final draft and on to professional submission.

Writing for Publication II (COMM074)

Discover the publishing process with specific focus on the Canadian magazine trade. You will be encouraged to develop your ideas into acceptable compositions and to approach suitable publishers for your work.

Introduction to Non-Fiction (COMM165)

Lean how to determine an idea's marketability in the non-fiction market, target a reading population, gain insight through critical discussions about issues in non-fiction writing, and effectively research a topic or project. You will develop a draft of a professional book proposal/query and several story drafts and learn strategies for marketing yourself and your work effectively.

There are no scheduled classes at this time, please call the Continuing Education office for future dates at 705 749-5530 ext. 1502.

Desktop Publishing for Business (COMP158)

Using Microsoft Word, you will learn to combine basic design principles and techniques to produce a variety of printed matter, such as stationery, business cards, posters, newsletters, resumes, and more. This is a practical, hands-on course that will place emphasis on producing real-life, professional materials using specific desktop publishing terminology and document-handling techniques. Software required: Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010.

Business Writing Strategies (COMM055)

Develop practical writing skills using technology for successful communication in business. Learn how to compose business correspondence including emails, memoranda, letters, and reports with a focus on routine, persuasive, and negative messages. We will review grammar and mechanics, and use Powerpoint as part of this course.

Microsoft Word 2013 Specialist (COMP220)

Learn to create, edit, format and print documents. Use paragraph, page and character formatting commands. Create multiple page documents with tables and desktop publishing using MS Word. Software: Microsoft Word 2013. Microsoft Word Expert (advanced) COMP 196 also available. This course is designed for the Windows operating system. Not suitable for MAC users.

Researching and Reporting (COMM051)

Enhance your communication skills through hands-on application. You will choose examples related to your own career or from sample assignments. Define a problem, collect research using print sources, the Internet, interviews and questionnaires, and present your findings in reports.

Writing for the Web (COMM168)

Using a practical, hands on approach, examine specific issues and writing techniques for writing for the web such as writing for emphasis and visual impact, the basics of search engine optimization, sourcing images and incorporating multi-media with text. Gain an understanding of the various styles and requirements involved in writing for blogs, online magazines, commercial websites and other text-based web content.

Travel Writing (COMM163)

Explore the wide range of travel writing assignments available to freelance writers, from commercial pieces that border on promotional writing, to literary travel writing and travel memoirs. Along with the pieces themselves, we will study the various publishing markets for this type of work, from traditional publishers to online opportunities.

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