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Creative Writing Certificate (Online)

Program Highlights

Pursue your passion for writing in a guided environment. The courses in this certificate have been designed to let you acquire and fine-tune the elements of your craft, expand your writing style and publish your work. You will receive motivation, structure and creative encouragement from experienced faculty as well as your online class mates. Understanding the business process of becoming a published author will help you work with agents, editors and publishers in today's popular media.

Is This You?

You will be practicing writing extensively and receive regular constructive feedback that will let you improve on your style, grammar, organization and vision. The core courses will hone your core skills, while the electives in this certificate will allow you to improve in your specific writing genres.

Career Prospects

  • Short Story Writing
  • Online contributor
  • Publishing
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Resume builder for teachers and Early Childhood Educators

Recommended skills and pre-requisites

Basic Windows computer and Internet skills (managing files and folders).

Some courses require additional textbooks and/or materials. Please visit your campus bookstore in-person or online: Peterborough Bookstore or Lindsay Bookstore.

Certificates must be completed within five years. Once you have completed all certificate requirements, please contact us again for your official certification.

Courses in Creative Writing Certificate (Online)

Details and registration below

Mandatory Courses

Writing for Publication I (COMM071)

Examine the publishing process and available opportunities for writers as well as the key elements of major genres. You will follow the various steps of manuscript preparation, from query letter to polished final draft and on to professional submission.

Section: 01OL

Grammar for Writing Professionals (LANG028)

Gain experience in the editing and proofreading process, recognizing and correcting errors in accordance with accepted Canadian standards. You will also study the importance of working as part of an editing team to help produce acceptable full length manuscripts. You should already possess competent English language skills including basic grammar (or Writing Grammatically - LANG 35).

Section: 01OL

Creative Writing - Beginners (COMM076)

Beginner writers and those with previous writing experience will hone their skills, benefit from a series of exercises and get involved in creative writing and critical reading. Workshop your own exercises and stories and receive valuable critique from fellow participants and the instructor.

Section: 01OL

Creative Writing-Intermediate (COMM101)

Elevate your writing skills in this follow-up course to Creative Writing - Beginners (COMM 76), suited to those with solid writing and critiquing experience. You should have 2-3 story-length pieces (approx. 5-10 pages or slightly longer if novel segments) of your own writing to workshop and will be asked to read and critique the same number of submissions by fellow participants.

Section: 01OL

Electives (3 Required)

Essentials of Writing Fiction (COMM158)

Discover the core elements needed for creative writing. Gain an understanding of the process of creative writing including theme, setting, plotting, characterization, and the use of dialogue, enabling you to successfully discover your writer's voice and build confidence in your writing abilities.

Section: 01OL

Understanding Literature (COMM077)

Acquire the tools necessary to appreciate literature critically by reviewing literary history and examining different genres. You will explore themes and conventions associated with these genres and develop an understanding of literary analysis and various critical approaches. For creative-writing enthusiasts, this course will provide a framework in which to appreciate and evaluate their own writing.

Section: 01OL

Writing for Publication II (COMM074)

Discover the publishing process with specific focus on the Canadian magazine trade. You will be encouraged to develop your ideas into acceptable compositions and to approach suitable publishers for your work.

Section: 01OL

Writing Grammatically (LANG035)

Catch up on the rules of English grammar in a comprehensive, easy-to-follow manner. We will review sentence parts, explain sentence structuring in depth, and conduct a practical review of stylistic conventions in business writing.

Section: 03OL
Section: 04OL
Section: 01OL
Section: 02OL
Section: 03OL
Section: 04OL

Writing Short Stories (COMM070)

Explore character development, narrative unity, and plot construction by analyzing selected short stories and participating in writing exercises. Work step-by-step to produce a story suitable for publication. The process of submission for publication as well as the various opportunities for publication are examined.

Section: 01OL

Introduction to Children's Literature (COMM053)

Explore children's literature, its history and development, and its rich variety of forms and techniques. We will focuses on major authors in children's literature and on the important issues presented in those works that have captivated children and adult readers over time. (This subject may contain material that some may find offensive.)

Section: 03OL
Section: 01OL
Section: 03OL

Romance Writing (COMM102)

Explore the art and craft of writing for the growing romance fiction market. Through lectures, examples, and lots of research, you will develop skills in creating engrossing plots and settings, and engaging characters, as well as keeping abreast the growing and changing market for romance oriented fiction.

Section: 01OL

Poetry Writing (ARTS0411)

Develop skills necessary for the creation, development, and marketing of publishable poems.

Section: 01OL

Documentary Scriptwriting (COMM161)

Learn the insider tips of developing a proposal for a non-fiction film, video, or radio program. Discover how to research an original idea, write the treatment and present a proposal for a documentary or corporate video of their choice. Script formats and terminology specific to each medium will be covered, along with practical issues such as budgets, marketing, financing and legal issues.

There are no scheduled classes at this time, please call the Continuing Education office for future dates at 705 749-5530 ext. 1502.

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