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Client/Customer Relations


Across industries and business sectors customer service is at the core of lasting client relationships. This certificate goes beyond the basics of how to provide outstanding customer service. You will also gain the techniques and strategies to build teams of staff dedicated to excellent service delivery, to identify, mitigate and avoid confrontational situations with internal and external clients, and to create and promote an organizational service culture. Add this certificate to your resume to make it stand out.

Admission Requirements:

  • 19 years or older, or completed an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent
  • Basic Windows computer and internet skills (managing files and folders, keyboarding, email and Internet searches)

Some courses require additional textbooks and/or materials. Please visit your campus store in-person or online: Peterborough Campus Store or Lindsay Campus Store.

You have 5 years to complete the requirements of your certificate. Once you have completed all certificate requirements, please complete this form to request a Certificate audit.

Courses in Client/Customer Relations

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Customer Service: Modern Approach (BUSN246)

In a global economy, exemplary customer service for a diverse clientele, both internal or external, is key. Discover the verbal and nonverbal communication skill that can create customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty in a variety of industries and business sectors.

Customer Service and Ethics (BUSN186)

The subject is designed to focus on dealing with a diverse range of customers. Students will focus on topics pertaining to the achievement of equity in various social and work settings, including, but not limited to, race, gender, ethnicity and social orientations. This course will deal with social and ethical issues of diversity and will identify possible strategies for empowerment in the workplace.

Introduction to Intercultural Communication (COMM100)

Learn the definition of culture and explore intercultural communication theories, such as differences in gestures, personal spaces, and customs. Enhance your personal and professional ability to communicate with people from different origins comfortably.

Dealing with Difficult People (SOCI078)

Understanding people and being able to work with them, no matter what type of people they are, is one of the major keys to management and life success. Learn to identify and cope with some of the most difficult behaviour you may encounter. Learn to recognize personality styles, establish rapport, and use body language, including matching and mirroring techniques.

Electives - Choose 2

Behaviour Management & Crisis Intervention (SOCI007)

Become confident using effective conflict management and communication strategies in an interactive setting. Best practices in care-giving situations will be studied along with the impact of personal values, institutional settings, and other factors of dysfunctional behaviour. Self-care and self-evaluation of the care-giver will also be emphasized.

Creating a Corporate Service Culture (BUSN075)

This course reviews the basics of corporate culture and how corporate culture impacts on customer service. Areas of study will include service environment, organizational openness, and influencing others to adopt a service culture. Participants will create a customer service culture action plan, based on identifying gaps between current and desired practices, as a project in this course. (AL-COM0001)

Developing Client Service Teams (BUSN247)

Explore the economics of client value and the importance of building a quality service delivery team that ensures that excellent service is provided. Understand the importance of employee buy-in of the corporate culture and strategies that deliver the bottom line stakeholders are hoping to achieve.

Strategies for Fostering Client Loyalty (MKTG131)

Strong client relationships are no longer based solely on goods and services, they are based on the emotional connection a client feels for their supplier. Discover ways to create lasting and genuine customer relationships that will withstand the competitive overtures of other companies. Explore the process of developing and sustaining client relationships that establish an emotional connection, manage difficult relationships (such as those that take place via technology or at great distances) and determine the pulse of client relationships.

Communication - Leadership Development (BUSN160)

Gain skills in business communications. Explore today's modern technology tools and communication mechanisms in deciding the right vehicle to deliver the message. Gain the time management and formal and informal communication skills to manage various communication channels. Explore communication styles, mechanisms and presentation skills, facilitating meetings, social marketing and ways to improve all communications.

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