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Business Computer Applications


While most of us are now well-versed in basic computer skills, today’s business environment requires a skill level in office software products that is not easily acquired in high school or post-secondary institutions.

This certificate will guide you through the main Microsoft Office Suite. The mandatory core courses represent the most highly employer-valued skills, while elective choices offer beginner as well as advanced options.

Flexibility option: Students with a good basic skill set in Word or Excel may omit either mandatory Core course and choose an additional Elective to replace it.

Is this for you?

If you can navigate the internet and have basic skills in some common Microsoft programs, but want to have the software skill levels that is most valued by employers, this suite of courses will help you achieve your goal. This certificate is especially suited to students entering into a post-secondary education, those preparing to enter the workforce or anyone returning to It whose software skills may need to be updated or expanded.

Admission Requirements:

  • 19 years or older, or completed an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent
  • Basic Windows computer and internet skills (managing files and folders, keyboarding, email and Internet searches)

Some courses require additional textbooks and/or materials. Please visit your campus store in-person or online: Peterborough Campus Store or Lindsay Campus Store.

You have 5 years to complete the requirements of your certificate. Once you have completed all certificate requirements, please complete this form to request a Certificate audit.

Courses in Business Computer Applications

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Microsoft Word Core (COMP602)

Learn to use Microsoft Word for Windows, a word processing package that has the convenience and efficiencies of pull-down menus. Learn to create, edit, format and print documents. Use paragraph, page, and character formatting commands. Create multiple page documents with tables, and explore desktop publishing. Software: Word 2016, 2019 or 365. Not suitable for MAC users.

Microsoft Word Expert (COMP573)

Expand your Microsoft Word skill set with more advanced features required to prepare complex and professional documents. Learn to manage document options and settings, design advanced documents, create advanced references, and create custom word elements. Pre-requisite: World Core or equivalent experience. Software: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word 2016 or newer. Not suitable for the MAC operating system.

Microsoft Excel Core (COMP221)

Learn to use Microsoft Excel to create and format spreadsheets in order to analyze data and make more informed business decisions. You will discover how to create, edit, format and print workbooks; use mathematical formulas and functions; create and format charts and shapes; insert images; cut, copy and paste data. Software: Excel 2016, 2019 or 365. Not suitable for MAC users.

Microsoft Excel Expert (COMP164)

Building on the introductory Excel course, you will create and analyze spreadsheets using PivotTables and PivotCharts, and use Excel's What-If analysis tools. You will explore many of Excel's advanced functions, including logical and conditional, financial, date and time, and database functions and also how to create your own custom functions. In addition, you will learn how to protect and share their workbooks. Prerequisite: Excel - Core/Specialist or equivalent experience. Software: Microsoft Excel 2016, 2019 or 365 for Windows. Not suitable for MAC users. This course is designed for the Windows operating system.

Office Technology and Procedures (BUSN055)

Become proficient in a broad range of office tasks, including Internet research and reporting, e-mail messages, time and stress management, telecommunications, office reception and customer service, meetings and travel arrangements, office mail procedures and records management.

Electives - choose 2

Computers I - Introduction (COMP239)

Familiarize yourself with your computer's hardware and software. Topics include file management, security risks, utility programs, various web browsers and cloud services, and the basics of using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Software required: Windows, Microsoft Office 2016, 2019 or 365. MAC users will not be supported in this course. Version 2013 no longer supported.

Keyboarding for Computers (COMP309)

This is a 'learn to type' course. In this course students will learn keyboarding techniques using various methods. Keyboarding speed and accuracy will be emphasized. Proofreading and editing documents is covered. Research about repetitive stress injury and proper ergonomics will be included. The student should be able to achieve a speed of 25 to 30 net words per minute. (Note: It is to the student's advantage to aim higher than the minimum of 25 nwpm. Most employers require a greater speed). (LA-CSCM426)

Microsoft Access Core (COMP572)

Learn to use this database tool to manipulate, link, chart, query and report your data to customize information. Create databases, view, format, manage and modify data tables and fields. You will learn to create forms, queries, reports and explore data relationships using its pull-down menus, toolbars and dialog boxes. Microsoft certified courseware publication is used to present the software features in a well-illustrated graphic format. Software: Microsoft Access v. 2019/365.

Microsoft PowerPoint (COMP226)

Become skilled using pull-down menus, toolbars and dialogue boxes in MS PowerPoint for Windows. PowerPoint as a presentation program allows you to create colorful graphics and text slides along with reports for your projects. Course material covers PowerPoint version 2010 or 365. This course is designed for the Windows operating system. Not suitable for MAC users.

Presentations and Desktop Publishing (COMP238)

The ability to create electronic presentations as well as various types of print materials such as business cards, letterhead, brochures, flyers and newsletters is necessary in business today. Participants will learn how to use both methods of communication to help market their small business. Participants will be able to use design techniques to create valuable communication vehicles such as an effective electronic presentation.Prerequisite: Participants should be comfortable using Microsoft Windows 98/2000/NT/XP.

Project Management Scheduling Software (COMP289)

Gain detailed insight into the functions of project planning and scheduling, resource allocation and costing, progress monitoring and reporting. Move from a basic to an advanced level of familiarity with the functions of Microsoft Project, a typical project management software. Prior experience with project management is recommended. Software: Microsoft Project 2019/365.

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