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Fleming Safe: New mobile safety app for smartphones









Fleming College Security is pleased to announce it has partnered with a company called AppArmor to create and deliver a mobile safety app for students and employees called Fleming Safe.

What Does It Do?
1. Provides campus specific emergency phone contacts.
2. Contains information and contact links for Security related services.
3. Places emergency procedures in your hand for Fire, First Aid, Violence Response etc.
4. Has a running link to the Fleming College Twitter feed to keep you up to date about events.
5. Gives you the ability to receive alerts and notifications about emergencies and weather related closures.
6. Provides contact information and links to a variety of on- and off-campus support services related to safety.
7. Makes available the ability to report a tip about an incident through an In-App email or through an anonymous voicemail.

How Do I Get It?
– The Fleming Safe app is available for smartphones through the Google Play and Apple App Store
– Those with a Blackberry using an android operating system can download the app through Google Play
– If your Blackberry is using an older operating system check with your service provider about an update to Android

More Information
– More information is available on the Security Website
– Watch our 90 second YouTube video on the app’s features: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtVPAt4ITPw&feature=youtu.be
– Click to see the AppArmor – Privacy Policy