New course – Horizontal Directional Drilling: Design to Construction

Fleming College’s Frost Campus is hosting a new four-day course, Horizontal Directional Drilling: Design to Construction, from June 26-29.

Organized jointly through the Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies (CATT) and Fleming, the course combines classroom study with field practice. Lectures will provide details on surface and subsurface investigations, drilling fluids, project planning, design, construction and QA/QC, The field training component will include subsurface investigations, drill fluid testing, and installation of underground pipe using state-of-the-art HDD equipment.

During the 4-day course, participants will learn how to take into account the surface and subsurface information for project planning, design, drill fluids and tool selection, as well as how to operate the HDD equipment and monitor critical parameters (alignment, fluid pressures, pull loads) during pipe installation.

This joint course by the CATT and Fleming College combines both organizations’ expertise, encompassing HDD design along with construction, and takes advantage of Fleming’s unique training program in drilling.

Is this course for you?

Engineers, Technologists, Construction Inspectors and Drill Rig Operators with an interest in learning more about horizontal directional drilling protocols.

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