Fleming Practical Nursing student on the board of Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario

Fleming Practical Nursing student and WeRPN board member Amanda Prosser

Peterborough ON – May 10, 2021

This is National Nursing Week in Canada and a time to celebrate the nurses in our communities. The work they do is life-changing and life-saving. Their tremendous courage and commitment have been brought to light during the course of this pandemic.

Amanda Prosser started the Practical Nursing program at Fleming in January 2020 and just completed her third semester. Prosser enrolled in nursing because it combines two things she values highly: helping others and life-long learning. She’s excited to be pursuing a career that will be both challenging and rewarding. In the short time since beginning her nursing journey, she has already experienced both.

Prosser is currently the student representative with the Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario (WeRPN) Board of Directors. She applied to the position last fall with a recommendation from the program coordinator, and following an interview with the WeRPN selection panel, she was appointed to a one-year term in October.

“As a professional association, it’s important for us to have the voice and perspective of PN students at the table,” said WeRPN CEO Dianne Martin. “Student representatives like Amanda offer great insight about the challenges and opportunities facing future nurses and help us ensure we’re continually responsive to the needs of nurses now and into the future. We’re thrilled to have Amanda as a part of our team.”

Below is a conversation with Prosser about representing nursing students from across the province and how Fleming has prepared her for this important role.

What do you hope to accomplish as the student representative with the WeRPN Board?

I am committed to advocating for Practical Nursing students across Ontario and making sure that the issues we are facing are brought to the table.

I feel very lucky to be part of a professional association like WeRPN that unifies Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) and gives them a strong voice. I would love to see all of our Practical Nursing (PN) students register as student members of the organization and take advantage of the amazing services that they have to offer. I also want them to know that their questions and their stories matter, and they should reach out to me any time.

How has Fleming prepared you for this role?

Connecting with classmates at Fleming and other Ontario PN students will continue to be essential for me in this role. My experience as a student is only one perspective, and I really do rely on the experiences of my fellow students, so I can gain further insights about various issues they may be facing.

Why did you choose Fleming?

I chose Fleming for a few reasons. I had heard positive things about the PN program from peers, Peterborough is my hometown, and I was happy to be able to stay here while studying. I’m already a two-time grad of Fleming College – Paralegal in 2003 and Educational Assistant in 2009 – and had positive experiences in my previous programs.

How has your experience been in the program and at Fleming overall?

I started the Practical Nursing program in Jan. 2020, so I’ve been living through the transition to online learning just like many other students across Ontario. I’ve been impressed by my faculty’s commitment to ensuring that we receive the same quality of education as if we had been attending physical classes.

A highlight in the program so far has been the clinical placements that have allowed me the opportunity to apply what we are learning to real-world situations. My placements so far have included time on the stroke rehabilitation and telemetry units at the Peterborough Regional Health Centre. I’m so grateful for how hard teachers and staff have worked to ensure that we still get that hands-on experience despite the challenges of the pandemic.

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