Fleming College Creates Heroes

Fleming College Creates Heroes

Our students and alumni are on the front-lines of healthcare. They are our Heroes.

After I graduated, I had a job right away at a school so I had an offer before I finished my program. Well, I definitely recommend being a paramedic to anyone that's thinking about it. You're always doing something different every day you're on your feet. You need to go out and help people and for them maybe the worst day of their life, and I think Fleming does a great job preparing people to do that.

Maureen Adamson:
Fleming students and alumni are working on the front lines of healthcare in Ontario. Throughout the COVID crisis, their work has been nothing short of heroic. One of these heroes is Vanessa Raaymakers, a Fleming student who has worked in the Kawarthas and in Toronto during the crisis.

Vanessa Raaymakers:
Although working through the COVID crisis has been challenging, being able to help people is an incredible feeling. My Fleming program gave me the skills and experience to make a difference.

Maureen Adamson:
Vanessa is a Fleming Health Care Hero. You can be one too. Join us.

They are rushing to people in need.
Paramedic, Pre-Service Firefighter, Police Foundations

They are caring for patients.
Practical Nursing, Personal Support Worker, Social Service Worker, Developmental Services Worker, Therapeutic Recreation

They are behind the scenes supporting everyone.
Health Information Management, Pharmacy Technician, Biotechnology

They are there. Ahead of us. For all of us.

They are our Heroes.
You can be one too.
Join us.

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