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Valedictorian Andrew Vatcher strengthens self-confidence through Fitness and Health Promotion


andrew-vatcherThe Fitness and Health Promotion program not only strengthened Valedictorian Andrew Vatcher’s physical abilities, it strengthened his self-confidence as well.

“Fleming College was a place of great personal growth and development for me,” said Andrew. “I came into school as a confident exterior with a very negative inner self-image. Through great learning and leadership, I obtained the confidence within and self-efficacy that I so desperately lacked. I have learned so much about health and fitness, but even more about myself and view on life.”

His most memorable moment was his first day of college, when faculty member Mary Stever asked students to assemble into two lines facing each other and introduce themselves.

“I can, to this day, recall where fellow classmates stood and where along the line we first met. It was a small thing at the time but looking back on it I can’t help but to smile,” said Andrew.

Andrew initially came to Fleming to better his physical abilities and overall knowledge in different principles of fitness. Through the Fitness and Health Promotion program, Andrew gained skills that span from workout-related abilities (designing and assessing programs, coaching, training) to working with clients who have special needs.

“I have gained a greater ability to speak in front of people with confidence and joy,” said Andrew, who recommends the program to others. “I have learned self-discipline and the integral value of accountability.”

Andrew plans on continuing his education by earning an undergraduate degree in strength and conditioning. His long-term goal is to be a Strength and Conditioning Coach for a professional sports team.

Next week he will take the stage at the Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre for the School of Health and Wellness afternoon convocation, where he will serve as Valedictorian.

“I put a lot of myself into my time at Fleming and have developed so many great relationships with friends and faculty, so it is incredibly wonderful to be recognized in such a way,” said Andrew on being named Valedictorian.

“It is so much more than just a diploma,” said Andrew. “In fact, I feel that the things outside the course content are every bit as valuable.”