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Samantha Chianta’s Museum Management and Curatorship education takes her to the Hockey Hall of Fame


Samantha Chianta’s Fleming College education has taken her all the way to the Hockey Hall of Fame! Samantha, who graduated from Museum Management and Curatorship in 2012, currently works as the Collections Registrar at D.K. (Doc) Seaman Hockey Resource Centre, a division of the Hockey Hall of Fame.
samantha-chianta“Working as the Collections Registrar, I get to see a lot of cool hockey history while accessioning the artifacts. I also get to participate in fun events like our Induction celebration, which happens every year,” said Samantha. “But as a huge hockey fan, I have to say getting to polish the Stanley Cup before it left for the Stanley Cup Final was one of my favourite experiences!”

Samantha credits her Fleming College education for her career, as she completed her field placement at the Hockey Hall of Fame and was later hired to work there. Samantha said Fleming fully prepared her to document artifacts properly and formulate condition reports.

“Not only has the program helped me, but I’ve been able to pass along my knowledge of current archival techniques to the curators at the Hockey Hall of Fame,” she said. “I contribute my success in large part to the wonderful staff running the program and the hands-on training they provided.”

Samantha said she came to Fleming College after earning her bachelor’s degree from York University, with a major in History and minor in Anthropology. She said a professor at York introduced her to the Fleming graduate certificate program, as Samantha expressed an interest in working in the museum field.

“I decided to choose Fleming because it was an intensive and fast-paced program, but most of all it was an immersion experience that provided practical training for all careers in the museum sector,” said Samantha. “It was very hands-on and that was definitely what drew me in most of all.”

She describes her Fleming College experience as amazing and highly recommends the Museum Management and Curatorship program.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Fleming College,” said Samantha. “Not only was I prepared with practical, hands-on training, and knowledge of best practices and techniques, but I made many friends and many memories while in the program!”