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Practical Nursing student prepares to take the plunge


rachel-warrenRachel Warren does not like the cold. The fourth-semester Practical Nursing student is known to wear a sweater on a hot summer night, which is why it surprised Rachel’s friends and family when she signed up for the 25th Annual Polar Plunge in Campbellford, Ont.

The Polar Plunge is Saturday, Jan. 28, and is hosted by the Auxiliary to Campbellford Memorial Hospital. The Hospital is fundraising for a PACS (Picture Archive and Communication System ) Workstation and a Cystoscope (a tube with a camera on the end to aid internal medicine procedures).

“My friends and family all thought I was crazy for doing something like this. I mean they’re not wrong, I will be jumping into a frozen river in the middle of winter!” said Rachel, who heard about the Plunge through an email sent by an instructor to nursing students. “I thought it was a great thing to do. The fundraiser is raising money for a good cause– and also it is on my bucket list to do a Polar Plunge.”

Rachel persuaded her boyfriend to join and they will plunge as Team The Freezing Ice Holes. “He’s very supportive,” said Rachel, adding that they are busy creating costumes to wear to the event.

Participating in the Polar Plunge for a hospital fundraiser seems like a natural fit for Rachel, who is in the Practical Nursing program at Fleming College.

“My childhood best friend’s mom is a nurse. She always came home so happy and would tell us all the positive and rewarding things that happened during her day. She inspired me,” said Rachel on why she decided to pursue a nursing career. “I wanted to have a job where I was that happy. As I got older, I realized I loved helping and caring for people.”

Rachel said she chose Fleming College because she heard positive things about the program. “I heard lots of people were successful in the program and were able to find jobs after graduating,” she said. “In addition, clinical was started right away in the first semester, which I thought was great because I am a hands-on learner and clinical placements are the best for that.”

The Fleming College student is looking forward to taking a break from her studies next week to take the Polar Plunge—and to get out of the water. “To be honest, I am looking forward to getting warm after the Plunge,” she joked. “I am also looking forward to seeing how much everyone was able to raise for the Hospital.”

Rachel encourages other to support the cause by donating a dollar or two. “Anything helps, really,” she said.