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Learning Online at Fleming College launched to support student success


Fleming College Student Experience is excited to launch Learning Online at Fleming College, an online module to help students connect with academic supports, discover useful resources, and develop skills and strategies to become a successful online learner.

Fleming College students have access to a wide range of digital tools and technology, and Learning Online at Fleming College aims to help students navigate these platforms and understand the academic skills and strategies that go along with learning online.

“I hope that students, as well as faculty, benefit from this site and that it helps them thrive in online and blended learning environments,” said David Luinstra, Manager, Library and Tutoring & Academic Skills.

“This site provides students with a comprehensive guide to both the technical skills required to use platforms like our learning management system and videoconferencing solutions; but also advice that isn’t always associated with online learning, like how to effectively set up your study space, deliver a virtual presentation, and maintain your physical and mental health while working primarily in an online environment,” said David.

Learning Online at Fleming College features modules on Skills & StrategiesTechnologyAcademic Support, and Resources to help students succeed in the online learning environment.

The Skills & Strategies module provides helpful tips and effective learning strategies, the Technology module covers a variety of online platforms and digital tools that support learning online; and the Academic Support module includes key resources, how to access academic supports, and important information about the skills needed to succeed in coursework. For convenience, all links and resources from each module are available in the Resources module.

Explore all modules by visiting Learning Online at Fleming College and take advantage of this helpful resource.