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Esthetician student creates beautiful Personal Branding Assignment


estheticianEsthetician student Dawn Robson created this beautiful display for her Personal Branding Assignment in BUSN 68 – Interpersonal Dynamics and Customer Care, which features nail wheels and nails matching painted landscapes. The assignment had several components, including presenting your personal brand identifying who you are and what sets you apart from the others. Instructor Joanne Tully asked, “Everyone in our class can do nails, what is it about you and your nails that are different?”

For Dawn, what sets her apart is her artistic ability. “My distinction is that I am an artist and I can paint a landscape or a flower on a nail, a little bit of art to make the client happy and feel special,” she said. “This assignment was helpful because it made me recognize that what I can do is unusual and that I should not be embarrassed about it. It was a confidence boost, as I’m generally quite reserved about my abilities.’

‘Every one of the ladies has something that made them stand out and I learned that, for me, it was that I make people feel comfortable, relaxed and that I can put a smile on a sad face with a little nail art,” she added.

Dawn shared that she always liked helping others and making them smile. After raising her family, Dawn decided that the Esthetician program at Fleming College would give her the opportunity to help others feel good– and put her artistic skills to use.

“This course is so much more than Esthetics; it’s lifestyle, nutrition, how to de-stress. It’s about wellness, for men and women,” said Dawn. “I have learned so much more than I ever anticipated because this program covers biology, skin diseases, body treatments, how to fix underlying skin problems to relieve client stress and maybe improve their confidence, customer care and business knowledge.”

Dawn said she is thoroughly enjoying the Esthetician program and hopes to specialize as a nail technician one day.