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Enactus Fleming earns third place at Enactus Regionals 2020


Guest blog post by Project Management student Joao Borges.

Wednesday, April 8 was a big day for our Enactus Fleming family as Enactus Canada live-streamed this year’s Regional Award Ceremony. Our team was thrilled to learn we’ve received third place in the Entrepreneurship Challenge sponsored by TD Bank!

The competition had been postponed from its original March 13 date to April 8 and moved to a virtual setting due to COVID-19. Our team virtually presented three projects in four different categories, and the Paper Planet Project was the highlight as it recently begun commercializing the Paper Planter. I invite you to watch our presentation here:

I look back and reflect on the intense growth this team experienced in the past year. From all the late nights completing tasks and to-do lists to representing Fleming College and winning the People’s Choice Award in Silicon Valley. This year’s team achieved exciting milestones with four projects and created a real business that is generating economical, social, and sustainable value.

Fleming faculty played a big role in this journey by leveraging their volunteer time to provide students with valuable mentorship and guidance. Their effort combined with Fleming’s entrepreneurial spirit is what fuelled us to invest almost 3,000 volunteer hours in innovative project work. Fleming truly empowered us to embrace our vision to use social business to drive change, and our students made important steps towards this goal. This regional recognition is important because it speaks to the fact that we are on the right track.

Now that celebration is over, we’ve begun working (from home) towards the Enactus National Exposition happening in May. Our Enactus team will be competing with 87 post-secondary institutions across Canada. We look forward to showcasing our innovative spirit while making Fleming College proud once again.


About Enactus Fleming: Enactus Fleming is a student-led entrepreneurial club where students apply their skills to entrepreneurship, participate in workshops, impact the economic growth of international communities, and start a business on campus.

About Enactus Regional Expositions: Enactus Canada Regional Expositions are held annually in Atlantic, Western and Central Canada, and bring together student, academic and industry leaders to celebrate the achievements of Canada’s future leaders and entrepreneurs.

About Fleming’s Project Management program: this post- graduate program provides graduates with the skills and knowledge to efficiently manage all aspects of a project to achieve organizational goals in a competitive global environment. Fleming College is accepting applications to the May 2020 intake, which will be delivered online beginning the week of May 19, 2020.