Fleming College

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Program Suspension April 2024

Current students are not affected by these suspensions. Our priority will be to enable program completion of any student that is currently enrolled in any of the suspended programs.

  • Business - Accounting (BAC)
  • Business - HR (BHC)
  • Conservation and Environmental Law Enforcement (NRL)
  • Ecological Restoration (ERJ)
  • Ecosystem Management Technology (EMX, EPX, EPD, EMD)
  • Emergency Management (EMP)
  • Environmental Technician (ETN)
  • Environmental Technology (ETY)
  • Environmental Visual Communication (EVC)
  • Fish & Wildlife Technology (FW)
  • GAS Environmental & Natural Resource Studies (GSN)
  • General Arts and Science - Degree Transfer (GSU)
  • Generator Service Technician (EPG)
  • GIS Applications (GIA) & GIS Applications Online (GAO)
  • GIS Cartographic (GC)
  • Global Business (GBS)
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Compliance (HSE)
  • Heavy Equipment Techniques (MPH)
  • International Business Management (IBM)
  • Law Clerk (LCK)
  • Marketing Management (MKT)
  • Mechatronics (MTY)
  • Project Management (PMG)
  • Recreation & Leisure Services (RLS)
  • Supply Chain (SCL)
  • Therapeutic Recreation (THR)
  • Tree Care Techniques (UF)
  • Urban Forestry Technician (UFT)
  • Waste Resource Management (SWM)

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