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Lisa Skog

Lisa Skog is a former university researcher turned full-time ceramicist who has been working with clay for over thirty years. Her ceramics studies began at Mohawk College but expanded to include numerous specialized courses and workshops throughout North America. A research background has allowed her to pursue glaze development and unique firing techniques. Captivated by corroded and decaying surfaces- rusted metal, deteriorating buildings, rotting wood, worn paint, old shipping containers? much of her work has involved raku and wood firing as an aid to replicating the essence of these surfaces. Her work has been collected nationally and internationally and has received awards at various exhibitions. She is co-owner of a successful gallery in Jordan, Ontario. Lisa?s work has been published in the books: 500 Prints on Clay: An Inspiring Collection of Image Transfer Work and 500 Raku: Bold Explorations of a Dynamic Ceramics Technique.

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