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Faculty: Jason Carter

Disguised as a Child and Youth Worker (15 years), I worked with mentors and colleagues to support children and youth in care (i.e., residential, and educational settings). Unbeknownst to the children and youth, we’re secretly passing on our powers of support, understanding and empathy, so that we could secretly empower them towards change and growth.

Through the years, I was employed to demonstrate professional modeling, active listening, and not judging them as individuals nor their life experiences; but instead - accepting them. After years of training, my mentors released me to carry on my work in a treatment foster care setting, where I was given the privilege to train and teach foster parents to pass on their powers of influence, generosity, and guidance to children and youth in their care. While doing this, I felt the responsibility to pass on my powers of mastery, curiosity, and hope, so that children and youth would be given the opportunity to realize they can grow to be independent and successful in their various life-space environments.

To further enrich my powers, I went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree in counseling/psychology with the intention of expanding my influence; so that children and youth may benefit from the knowledge and experience I have gained through my work experience from mentors in the field of child and youth care.

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