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Mortgage Agent license preparation

Enrol in Mortgage Agent license preparation

Course Code: BUSN178

This course has been accredited by FSCO as meeting the educational requirements for licensing as a Mortgage Agent. It covers all the Mortgage Agent Qualifying Standards (MAQs) identified by the regulator, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO); it provides those wishing to become licensed Mortgage Agents in Ontario with an understanding of the mortgage brokerage industry and an ability to perform the Agent's role in the mortgage application process. The subject also covers the legislation which governs the industry; the role of the Agent in consumer protection; and ethical decision-making. Students who successfully complete this course need to be employed by a Mortgage Broker in order to become licensed as a Mortgage Agent. Only the Mortgage Broker who employs you may apply to FSCO for your Mortgage Agent License.

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Registration will begin July 02, 2021
Registration will begin July 02, 2021
Registration will begin July 02, 2021

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