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Sustainable Trails Certificate

Program Highlights

Gain insight into best practices related to the design, construction and maintenance of trails. Learn about and apply techniques that can enhance, rehabilitate and protect trails and greenways. Interpretive studies of the various fauna and flora will be undertaken from a sustainability perspective.

These certificate courses take place at Fleming’s Frost Campus, one of Canada’s leading environmental education institutions, as well as online. Courses are two and three days in length - offered primarily on weekends

Is This You?

This certificate provides a full range of trails theory and skills training available to trails groups, communities, employers, and government agencies.

Admission Requirements:

The minimum admission requirement for entrance into this program is: 19 years of age or older, or an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or its equivalent

Courses in Sustainable Trails Certificate

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Electives - choose 2

Certificates must be completed within five years. Once you have completed all certificate requirements, please contact us again for your official certification.


Trail Business Planning and Risk Management


Explore key concepts and develop your own Trail Business Plan and associated financial and risk management plans. You will examine entrepreneurial strategies, marketing and financial management, as you gain an understanding of the liabilities associated with trails. You will learn how to identify and minimize related risks. Students will be expected to use the on-line lesson content to develop a Trial Business Plan, Financial Plan and Risk Management Plan in order to complete this course.

There are no scheduled classes at this time.

Trail Planning and Accessibility


Prepare a comprehensive trail plan - the first step in trail development. You will reference the new Ontario Trails Act, study land ownership, legislation and site evaluation, as you explore the use of planning tools such as GPS, aerial photography and maps. Gain insight into the importance of the AODA legislation, the accessibility of trails and learn how to use tools like the Universal Trail Assessment Process (UTAP) and Trail Access Information (TAI).

There are no scheduled classes at this time.

Ecologically Sustainable Trails


The balance between the protection of the environment and trail use is a delicate one. A basic understanding of ecology combined with key principles for sustainable trails - using case studies and examples - will provide the basis for effective trail planning and design. You will also explore practical ideas about the decommissioning and rehabilitation of trails.

There are no scheduled classes at this time.

Trail Classifications and Maintenance/Signage Guidelines


Delve into trail users expectations and all stakeholder relations related to the uses of a trail. You will create a signage plan to manage the users of a trail, including volunteers, and in doing so, determine its uses and articulate a code of conduct and regulations. You will also learn about user safety, access and convenience; and maintenance, protection and preservation of the trail.

There are no scheduled classes at this time.

Trail Design and Construction


This course, which builds on Trail Planning & Accessibility (RECR 115), blends online learning with on-site practical training. Start with an overview of sustainable trail design principles and techniques in the online component and apply this knowledge in a self-guided investigation of a trail of your choice. Building on sustainable trail design theory, continue your study of sustainable trail construction principles. Then, in a capstone two-day field experience you will lay out and construct a segment of sustainable trail with hand tools, using all the knowledge and techniques you learned online.

There are no scheduled classes at this time.

Electives - choose 2

Marketing & Promoting Trails


Explore basic concepts of online marketing and promotion techniques such as web site design and social marketing, as they relate to recreational trails and compare these with offline strategies such as magazine adverts, editorial and flyers. Learn to apply the concepts behind a marketing plan framework to trail promotion. Prerequisite: a general familiarity with the Internet. While not required, participants who have had courses in web technologies or programming related to web page design will find it useful.

There are no scheduled classes at this time.

Motorized Trail Recreation


Gain an overview of all types of motorized trail use. Building upon your knowledge of the principles of planning, design and construction acquired in other courses, examine the broad aspects of off highway vehicle recreation, planning and construction of OHV trails and facilities and operation and management of OHV trail systems.

There are no scheduled classes at this time.

Introduction to Trails


Sustainable trails have many facets, including environmental, social and economic sustainability. The aim of this course is to provide participants with a practical overview of the many aspects of trails including business planning, planning, designing, construction, people management, law and liability, trail ecology, and more.

There are no scheduled classes at this time.

Chainsaw Operator


Acquire the knowledge and basic skills to handle a chainsaw safely, fell trees properly and adopt safe practices. Based on the competency standards set by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and developed by the Workplace Safety North, this course will teach you proper chainsaw use, maintenance and sharpening, and safety techniques for chainsaw handling before we spend two days in the bush (off-site) practising these techniques with an emphasis on safety methods. You must provide your own working chainsaw, supplies, and safety equipment and be physically fit to take this course. Additionally, you must be 19 years of age or older and/or a high school graduate.

There are no scheduled classes at this time.

Wilderness Survival


Whether you venture into isolated areas for your job or for fun, working and traveling in these regions can be hazardous. Learn survival fundamentals, such as building shelters from available materials, orientation, finding food, making fire without matches and staying warm. Please bring a sharp, non-folding hunting knife, leather work gloves, and a mirrored compass with a declination setting. Please be suitably dressed for a day both indoors and outdoors. Snowshoes are helpful in winter weather.

There are no scheduled classes at this time.

Hike Leader & Leave No Trace Certifications


This Hike Leader Certification course delivers the standards and training developed by Hike Ontario for any individual and/or groups interested in leading organized hikes and walks in Ontario. Leave No Trace Canada certification is intended for outdoor recreational users who wish to minimize their impact on the natural environment whether they are hiking, canoeing, kayaking, climbing etc. Both certifications are provided in this combined 2 day course held at the Ken Reid Conservation area and at the Frost Campus.

There are no scheduled classes at this time.

Winter Wilderness Survival Skills


This two-day course focuses on the development of advanced small group survival skills in harsh winter conditions. Course topics include: Winter Survival Logistics, Winter survival gear, Winter shelter construction including quinzee's and lean-to's, Trapping and skinning small mammals for food, Constructing and placement a fish traps, Stalking, camouflage and tracking skills, Winter plant nutrition, Starting a fire with a bow and drill, Ice Safety and advanced bushwacking, frostbite treatment, and demonstrating leadership in survival situations. Please bring a sharp, non-folding hunting knife, a small snow shovel, snowshoes, a foam pad for sitting in snow, snow pants, warm winter clothing including boots, lunch, and a mirrored compass with a declination adjustment. Please be suitably dressed for very cold temperatures.

There are no scheduled classes at this time.

Course Materials

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