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International Student Cap - January 22 Announcement UPDATES & FAQs

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Updated: 2024-01-30 13:24:03

New Student Checklist

The journey to becoming a college student can be a confusing process. There's information you receive from us, as well as Ontario Colleges (OCAS), along with deadlines to note, and arrangements to make.

After you have received an offer of admission, use the list below to get you on your way to being a full-time Fleming student. You will also find useful information by reviewing the Fleming Navigator.

May 1st

Confirmation deadline. Most applicants confirm their offer of admission on the ontariocolleges.ca website by this date.


The Registrar's Office sends Fee Notification emails indicating how to access the student portal (myCampus) for information on fees due and payment options. Information about tuition deposit deadlines can be found on the Fee Payment page.

Early June

Watch for an invitation to Welcome Days events at Sutherland Campus (Peterborough) or Frost Campus (Lindsay) in the mail. Welcome Days are hosted in July, offering a chance to prepare for the start of college in September.

Early August

Timetables will be accessible in your myCampus account.


You will have access to make any necessary changes to your timetable within your myCampus account.

Early to Mid-August

Watch for your Orientation package with a schedule of events and activities. Academic Orientation is the first day of classes and includes opportunities to meet with your program faculty. You can also participate in entertainment and social activities scheduled for your first day and throughout the week.

If you are applying as an International Student see information at How to apply to International Education.

If you are applying through Better Jobs Ontario (formerly Second Career), follow this link: Better Jobs Ontario

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