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Emergency Procedures

The following procedures have been posted to provide general guidance during an emergency. No procedure covers every emergency. Evaluate the situation and take the safest course of action.


If someone requires first aid or an ambulance:

  • Dial 911 for life threatening injury or illness
  • Dial 4444 from a campus phone for security
  • All guards are trained in First Aid & CPR

Bomb Threat

  • Do not pull the fire alarm
  • Dial 4444 and report the threat immediately
  • Be as detailed about the threat as possible
  • The College will assess the threat and respond


If you see a fire, pull the fire alarm and leave the building. Do not attempt to fight the fire.

If you hear the alarm:

  • Assist disabled persons to evacuate or to a fire refuge area if unable to evacuate.
  • Leave the building by the closest safe exit
  • Close doors as you leave the building
  • Move a safe distance away once outside
  • If you have information about the fire location inform Security or Fire Service once outside
  • Wait for all clear signal before re-entering

If you cannot evacuate:

  • Go to a fire refuge area if it is safe to do so
  • If you cannot safety get to a refuge area then close your door, stay low to the floor and
    call 911
  • Always check the door for heat before opening

Violence or Threats

If someone has become violent or threatening:

  • Do not attempt to restrain a violent person
  • Diall 4444 from a campus phone for Security
  • Dial 911 if you deem it to be appropriate

Weapon Observed

If you see someone with a weapon or other means to threaten public safety:

  • Move to a safe location
  • Dial 4444 from a campus phone for Securityi
  • Dial 911 if you deem it to be appropriate


The College has an Emergency Notification System in place that will provide members of the community with important information during an emergency.

The system includes loud speakers and large LCD screens throughout the College as well as Emergency Procedures posted in classrooms and labs. Emergency Notification Drills are conducted regularly throughout the year.

When the lockdown is announced:

  • Remain in or go to the nearest room
  • Close, lock or barricade the door
  • Turn off the light & stay out of sight
  • Remain quiet, turn off cell phone ringer
  • Wait for further instruction announcements
  • Do not open the door for anyone
  • Do not use cell phones or safety phones unless you have info about the attackers

If the fire alarm sounds during the lockdown:

  • Assess your area for signs of fire
  • If no sign of fire, remain in lockdown
  • If signs of fire, evacuate if safe to do so
  • If you choose to evacuate use the safest exit


In the event of vandalism:

  • Do not intervene to prevent damage
  • Dial ext 8000 to file a report with Security
  • Major vandalism should be reported to the police


In the event of a theft:

  • Do not intervene to prevent theft
  • Dial ext 8000 to file a report with Security
  • All thefts should be reported to the police

Security Services

  • Security Emergency Line Ext. 4444
  • Security General Line Ext. 8000
  • Safewalk Service Ext. 8000
  • Vehicle Battery Booster is available at the Information Booth
  • Lost and Found is at the Information Booth
  • Defibrillator is next to the elevator on Level 4
  • Manager, Public Safety & Parking available during business hours at Ext. 1191

All members of the Fleming community are encouraged to read the information posted on the Emergency Procedures so they are aware of what they should do if an emergency occurs.

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