Plumber Apprenticeship Level One - Basic

Plumbers are highly valued tradespeople and are an integral part of any construction and/or maintenance team. This in-demand trade offers many different areas of specialization that can lead you to a rewarding career.

Note: This is an apprenticehsip program. You cannot apply to this program through Eligibility to attend this program is determined by the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development. You must be a registered apprentice with the Ministry which includes being sponsored by an eligible employer. The Ministry specifies all the eligibility requirements and extends offers to attend this program only to eligible students. For more information on Apprenticeship in Ontario see Start an apprenticeship |

Are you a registered 306A apprentice or an employer with a registered 306A apprentice? Contact your local Ministry office to register for in-school training at Fleming College.

Program Overview

In the Plumber 306A Apprenticeship program, you will attend three in-school sessions (Basic-Level 1, Intermediate-Level 2, and Advanced-Level 3) of 240 hours each, in combination with your work experience. Instructors who have practical experience and expertise in the trade will teach you the essentials you need to know to be a successful Plumber.

In Level 1, you will learn about tools and piping methods, plumbing systems, workplace safety, rigging and hoisting, and welding.

Take pride in what you do. As a plumber, you'll see the results of your efforts, enjoy a wide range of work and projects, and make a good living.

Fleming also offers Level Two and Level Three of in-school training for the Plumber Apprenticeship program.

Why Choose Fleming

You will learn from experienced and fully qualified tradespeople. These instructors are dedicated – they have worked, or continue to work, in the trade – and they will be there to help you and facilitate your learning experience.

Training takes place in the Kawartha Trades and Technology Centre, a best-in-class facility that offers state-of-the-art labs, and the latest plumbing tools and equipment. Through this high-quality in-school training, you will have all the skills and knowledge necessary to apply what you have learned to your on-the-job training.

Career Opportunities

Employment prospects for plumbers, both within the region and across the province, are excellent and growing. The apprenticeship allows you to pursue careers such as plumber, pipefitter (and related trades), or contractor/supervisor. You can choose to work in residential, industrial or institutional settings, and you can opt to work independently or as part of an organization. No matter what path you follow, there are a wealth of opportunities available.

Classroom Registration Fee

The Classroom Registration Fee is set by the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development and is subject to change without notice.

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This program is funded in part by the Government of Ontario

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