Welcome to Shifting Gears 2018!

Article and photo provided by Peterborough Moves 

Shifting Gears

Over 1000 participants competed, logging nearly 34000 active and sustainable trips through the month of May! Competition was strong in all categories, with participation rates rising in the workplace, school, and community categories.

For 2018, we presented Travel Wise Award in two new categories. The In Gear Award was presented to workplaces who demonstrate a full commitment to active and sustainable transportation, with policies, incentives, and encouragement of staff to embrace walking, biking and transit use for daily trips. The Gearing Up Awards were presented to workplaces and schools that are making great strides in both participation and number of trips – those who are closing in on the leaders in each category, and who are not only inspiring the shift in their own employees, but becoming great examples for other workplaces and schools in Peterborough.

Here are the 2018 Travel Wise Award Winners: