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The Fleming Phoenix Takes Flight


Peterborough, ON (Sept. 8, 2023) – Fleming College officially unveiled its new athletics brand and mascot Sept. 8 during a celebration at the Sutherland Campus.

With its plumage ablaze in fiery colours, the Fleming Phoenix represents the best of the Fleming College community. A mythical creature embodying the concepts of transformation and rebirth, the Phoenix rises from the ashes stronger than ever.

Like the Phoenix, Fleming students rise to new levels of success each day; Obstacles are an opportunity to transform into the best version of themselves. The Phoenix captures Fleming’s dedication to continuous improvement.

Fleming College is also bidding farewell to the Fleming Knight, a mascot and symbol that has served the Fleming community for more than 50 years. Fleming would like to thank the Fleming Knights athletes, coaches, team personnel and fans who have proudly worn the Knights uniform through the years, and we would like to thank the Fleming Knight for its years of service as our mascot.

The Fleming Knights are a proud part of Fleming’s history. Our community is looking forward to years of more victories, successes, and memories with the Fleming Phoenix.

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