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Cannabis legalization and campus policy


Effective October 17, 2018, cannabis became legal.

What this means for Fleming College:

With the legalization of cannabis, Fleming College has developed policy changes and additions that will apply to every member of the campus community.

Cannabis on campus:

The smoking, inhalation, vaping, ingestion, growing and delivery of cannabis or cannabis products is prohibited:

  1. Inside all College buildings, including residences.
  2. Inside any vehicle stopped, parked or in motion on College Property.
  3. On all College Property including but not limited to parking lots, trails and pathways.

The possession of cannabis and cannabis products, in quantities approved under legislation, is permitted on College Property, provided that the cannabis or cannabis products are for personal use and not for the purpose of sale or other distribution with or without payment.

The possession of cannabis and cannabis products in the Residence Buildings are subject to the conditions of the Residence Handbook:

Cannabis Policy on page 20-21

Cannabis Policy on page 20-21

Cannabis Policy on page 18-19

Fleming College recognizes that individuals require accommodations for the medical use of physician prescribed cannabis, while maintaining a safe and effective working and learning environment. The possession and use of medical cannabis on campus is permitted subject to the conditions established in our Procedure.

Visit Fleming College’s Policy and Procedures for more information about possession and use of cannabis on campus, policy 4-429 on the College Polices and Procedures website.

The Legislation:

In accordance with the Government of Canada’s Cannabis Act and the Cannabis Control Act of Ontario, all people in Ontario must adhere to the following laws:

  • You must be 19 and older to buy, use, possess and grow recreational cannabis.
  • You may possess a maximum of 30 grams of dried cannabis in public at any time.
  • Bill 36 permits smoking or vaping cannabis wherever tobacco smoking and vaping is permitted (excluding motor vehicles), except on any Fleming College property as per the college policy.
  • You may not consume cannabis in the workplace as it is illegal and will continue to be after Oct. 17, 2018.

Want to know more or need support?

Students, for all your campus resources, visit https://flemingcollege.ca/team-fleming

Your cannabis questions, answered. Get the honest facts about cannabis health effects: https://www.canada.ca/en/services/health/campaigns/cannabis/health-effects.html