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Open House: Haliburton Campus Agenda

Within these walls the walls within disappear.

As you step through our “Red Doors”, you will be warmly welcomed at the Haliburton Campus!

Take a Tour

Our students will proudly take you on a personal tour of their unique campus and studios on an individual or small group basis. Ask them what they value about their experience here!

Program Information

Talk with faculty, staff and students about how our programs are delivered and the advantages of our curriculum. Meet our graduates!


A Fleming education is experiential learning – the kind of hands-on practice that is valuable to your future. Interact with students during live demonstrations as they work in their studios.

Experience Support

Learn about financial assistance, scholarships, bursaries, and Student Support Services that are available to you as a Fleming student.

Student Life

Our students enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds our campus, and take part in many activities on campus and in the community. There are lots of options to get involved, or find a quiet space of solitude.


  • Explore the village of Haliburton.
  • Investigate potential accommodation options.
  • Take a walk on the Sculpture Forest Trail

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