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Graduate: Hayden Adams

Hayden Adams, Recreation Merchandising 1987 (Sporting Goods Business)

Hayden Adams

Recreation Merchandising, 1987 (Sporting Goods Business)

Hayden Adams was the final speaker in the Sporting Goods Business Speakers' Series last semester. The Fleming grad shared how he went from working in a Foot Locker at Lansdowne Place to a management position at Pou Chen Group, the largest athletic footwear manufacturer in the world.

"I've travelled nearly everywhere, all because of this program," said Hayden, who graduated in 1987. "And I'm going to tell you how I came from Sir Sandford Fleming College to where I am today."

Hayden discussed his early jobs at Athlete's World and Foot Locker-which solidified his interest in footwear- and how Fleming College opened his eyes to the amount of career options he had in the sporting goods industry. In 1989, Hayden worked as International Product Coordinator for RMP, and in 1993 he started at Pou Chen Group.

His advice for students includes:

  • "You have to be able to know how to approach someone. Learn how to do that."
  • "Starting with a small company helps you gain a lot of hands-on experience. There are advantages to working with a big company, but there are advantages when working for a small company as well."
  • "Always be willing to learn."
  • "Do what you are best at."

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