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Michaela Wolfert

Michaela Wolfert
Michaela Wolfert was born and educated in Germany. She began her apprenticeship in 1979 with a master goldsmith and graduated as a journeyman (honours) in 1983. After three years of working at several jewellery establishments, Michaela entered the "Meisterschule fur Goldschmiede" in Munich and graduated in 1989 with the title "Meistergoldschmied" (master goldsmith). In 1990, Michaela immigrated to Canada after accepting a position as a jewellery designer and goldsmith with an established company in Ottawa, ON. She worked in Ottawa for six years with two well-known companies, until opening her own studio, Kehla Design, in 1996. Since then she has produced high quality, handmade precious metal jewellery and sculptural pieces that combine traditional craftsmanship with timeless, simple, yet elegant designs. Several of her pieces have won awards. Michaela also accepts commissions, creates one-of-a-kind jewellery and ready to wear pieces at her own studio . Michaela has been featured on CBC and CTV radio and television programs, in the Ottawa Citizen, Preston Catalogue, Canadian Jeweller Magazine and the Metal Arts Guild of Canada. Her work is available at galleries in Ottawa, on her website and her studio in Almonte, ON. www.kehladesign.com

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