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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

Margot Miller

Margot Miller
Margot Miller , recipient of a Design Canada Award, is an Honours Graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design University, (College Medal Winner) and a graduate the Ecotourism Management Program at Fleming College. She has exhibited at numerous galleries and shows including the Art Gallery of Ontario, the National Film Board of Canada, and the Ontario Crafts Council. As a lecturer and instructor in the arts and the business of art, she has taught at Sheridan College, St. Lawrence College, Queen's University and Fleming College. For many years Margot has taught workshops, designed and sold printed clothing, yardage, floor cloths and furniture from her shop and studio. In 2018 she was awarded her second Township Community Grant to fund the Rockport Spring Art Fair and Dry-Stone Wall Event-Celebrating Contemporary and Traditional Heritage Arts. Her work has sold in shows and stores in Canada and the US. She has travelled extensively in the Far East, documenting traditional textile techniques, and has worked as a designer for a British and Canadian company in India. Recently she has organized cultural walking tours, titled "Walk the Walls" to destinations such as Scotland (Mull, Iona, Orkneys), Ireland, England, Mallorca and Menorca with the organization Dry Stone Walls Across Canada. www.margotmiller-summerhouse.com

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