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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

Lizzy Clarke

Lizzy Clarke, a renowned singing teacher and accomplished musician newly based in Haliburton, ON, brings a decade of evidence-based coaching and 16 years of professional singing in pop, R&B, and jazz. Bridging vocal pedagogy and the music industry, she offers group and one-on-one lessons online and at her home studio. Lizzy specializes in technical training for professional singers, focusing on vocal anatomy, breath management, and range, while also providing confidence-building voice work for all levels. Creating a safe and inclusive space, Lizzy conducts workshops on music theory, songwriting, finding your voice, and stagecraft. With a global stage presence and experience as a songwriter, arranger, and bandleader, she has notably contributed to projects like The Spandettes and The Intentions. As a modern singer, Lizzy empathetically uplifts aspiring vocalists, infusing passionate energy into every performance she's a part of.

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