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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

Katherine Wheatley

Katherine Wheatley has won numerous awards for composition, arranging, and songwriting. In addition to touring as a solo singer/songwriter, she is a member of the Toronto band "Betty and The Bobs", plays regularly in the hilarious and moving duo "Wendell and Wheat", and tours every winter with the trio "Boreal". She is a co-founder/facilitator of Women's Music Weekend and is in high demand for her innovative songwriting, singing, and music workshops. Katherine works as a singer and zodiac driver on board The MS Expedition as it plies the seas of Antarctica and the Norwegian Arctic. Acoustic roots with catchy melodies, arresting vocals, great guitar playing, lyrics that get you and that you get - these are all things that have been written about Katherine Wheatley's music. www.katherinewheatley.com

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