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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

Elizabeth Greisman

Elizabeth Greisman works internationally and nationally as a visual artist, curator and arts ad-ministrator. She is a graduate of York University in Visual Arts and Education, The Laban Centre in London England, and Metropolitan Toronto University (Ryerson), Landscape Design. Partici-pating in annual Visual Arts international residencies, Greisman develops multidisciplinary col-laborative pieces involving dance, poetry, music, theatre, creative writing, medicine and cui-sine. Co-curator of the Nascent Art Science collective. She has exhibited internationally and within Canada, highlighted by a show at the Canadian Embassy in Dublin Ireland. She has pro-duced five multi-disciplinary shows for Nuit Blanche in Toronto at Spadina Museum, combining Visual Arts, installation art, theatre, music, medicine, science and video.

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