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Faculty: Darlene Bolahood

Darlene Bolahood
Darlene Bolahood engages in many forms of visual communication through the arts. She completed her B.Sc. at the University of Toronto, focusing on organic chemistry and philosophy, and then continued her studies in painting, drawing, sculpture and textile arts at the Banff School of Fine Arts, Sheridan College, and Fleming College. After completing her studio MFA at the University of Waterloo, she continues to focus on her own studio work in mixed media painting and sculpture. Professionally, Dar has engaged in industry as a designer/illustrator in fashion, costume and textiles, as well as architectural design for residential and commercial renovations. Partner in WHEW inc., she is a designer and producer of luxurious kid mohair textiles. Dar became involved in the art of computer animation, developing programs and presentations for private institutions, the industry and Ontario colleges, and launching Durham College's three year advanced diploma in Computer Animation. Dar currently enjoys her position her at Fleming College as full-time faculty teaching in the Visual and Creative Arts Diploma, Integrated Design Diploma, as well as other studio arts certificate programs at the Haliburton Campus.

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