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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

International Education Pathways

Studying abroad allows you to experience different cultures and customs, further develop your independence, and make lifelong friends from different backgrounds.

You may also have the opportunity to spend your weekends traveling to different countries, depending on your institution's location.

International Partner Institutions

Atlantic Technological University – Sligo
  • Sligo, N/A Ireland
  • 8 Pathways
Charles Sturt University
  • Sydney, New South Wales Australia
  • 3 Pathways
Griffith University
  • Nathan, N/A Australia
  • 24 Pathways
Hartpury University
  • Hartpury, Gloucester United Kingdom
  • 2 Pathways
Munster Technological University-Kerry
  • Tralee, N/A Ireland
  • 12 Pathways
Robert Gordon University
  • Aberdeen, Aberdeen United Kingdom
  • 20 Pathways
South East Technological University-Carlow
  • Carlow, Carlow Ireland
  • 9 Pathways

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