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(P-T) Teacher/Trainer of Adults Ontario College Certificate (Online)

Program Highlights

Develop or boost your role as teaching and training practitioner with this certificate. You will explore all aspects of teaching, including socio-cultural considerations, difference between online and in-class courses, adults as learners, as well as planning and executing a curriculum and evaluating the consequent learning.

This certificate has been developed specifically to be in line with the required skills of a Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP) as well as for a post-secondary educator.

Is This You?

This certificate provides an excellent knowledge base for anyone whose position includes forms of teaching, training or mentorship for adults. It is also an great bridge for those with extensive knowledge in their field, who wish to pass that knowledge on as teacher or trainer.

Career Prospects

  • Teaching assistant
  • Professional development for teachers or trainers in Continuing Education, ESL, Developmental Services or Corporate Training
  • Private tutor
  • Curriculum development

Recommended skills and pre-requisites

Basic Windows computer and Internet skills (managing files and folders, keyboarding, email and Internet

Some courses require additional textbooks and/or materials. Please visit your campus store in-person or online: Peterborough Campus Store or Lindsay Campus Store.

You have 5 years to complete the requirements of your certificate. Once you have completed all certificate requirements, please complete this form to request a Certificate audit.

Courses in (P-T) Teacher/Trainer of Adults Ontario College Certificate (Online)

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Teacher/Trainer: Adult Learning (SOCI109)

Acquire the skills and knowledge to develop a systematic approach to curriculum development based on a training/education model. Delve into needs assessment, learning outcomes, course outlines, lesson plans and an introduction to choosing instructional techniques and assessment and evaluation techniques. You will develop a course outline and a lesson plan for content with which to teach. We will examine the integration of planning, learning styles, and touch upon instructional techniques and course assessment/evaluation methodologies.

Teacher/Trainer: Managing a Diverse Learning Environment (EDUC099)

Discover how cross-cultural differences impact adult learning styles and educational expectations, and compare those to a Canadian learning environment. You will gain insight and strategies to manage and plan for such complexities.

Teacher/Trainer: Instructional Techniques (EDUC071)

Discover when and how to use techniques such as lecture, group discussion, demonstration, icebreakers, case study, brainstorming, debate, fishbowl, collage, role-play, panel discussions, skits, operative learning, problem based learning and action learning. Classroom management issues and the use of media and resources are also addressed. You need a microphone for some assignments. Pre-requisite: Adult Learning SOCI109, Curriculum Development EDUC69.

Teacher/Trainer: Instructional Technology in Adult Education (EDUC107)

Examine strategies for using technology in curriculum design, teaching techniques, and assessment, for in-class and in virtual classrooms. Pre-requisites: Adult Learning SOCI109, Curriculum Development EDUC69

Teacher/Trainer: Curriculum Development (EDUC069)

Attain the skills and knowledge to develop a systematic approach to curriculum development. The approach will be based on a training/education model that includes needs assessment, learning outcomes and program design. You will also learn how to choose instructional techniques and develop a marking system to evaluate participant success. This course will aid you in developing material for adult learners and participants should have experience or prior learning in Adult Learning (SOCI109).

Teacher/Trainer: Assessment and Evaluation (SOCI106)

Gain an overview of the processes involved in assessing and evaluating learners by exploring a variety of evaluation methods. You will be encouraged to evaluate your own practice as a teacher or trainer in your environment. Pre-requisite: Adult Learning SOCI 109, Curriculum Development EDUC 69, Instructional Techniques EDUC 71.

Teacher/Trainer Practicum: Micro Teaching Clinic and Portfolio Review (FLPL132)

In this capstone project in adult learning, under the guidance of a faculty sponsor, you will prepare a learning experience designed to address identified learning goals. You will then implement the learning experience and conduct an analysis of the outcomes with recommendations for future modifications to the experience. Design and development of a learning Portfolio will be built into all courses as a component of assessment. Prerequisite: All required courses must be completed prior to placement -SOCI109, SOCI106, EDUC69, EDUC71, EDUC107, EDUC99.

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