Fibre Arts

The Fibre Arts program captures the renaissance taking place in the world of textiles.  A new generation of designers, inspired by traditional handicrafts, and energized by urban culture and global vision, have challenged our perception of what can be created with fibers, surfaces and structures.


Fall 2015
Program Status: Accepting Applications
Program Code: FAR
Location: Haliburton
Contact: Jennifer Bain Email
Credential: Ontario College Certificate
Start Dates: September 08, 2015
Tuition Fees (Domestic): $4,262.92 program duration*
Tuition Fees (International): $13,987.35 program duration*
* Tuition and fees subject to change.

Program Highlights

In this program, the traditional marries the non-traditional as the artist works with materials that range from supple and sumptuous to experimental and provocative. Textiles and fibers have unlimited potential for personal expression, and offer the artist texture, pattern, light, colour and movement. Artists and designers interested in sculpture, fashion, textile design, interior design, art clothing, or theatre, and industry will find this program offers them a dynamic medium for expression.

This 15-week, intensive program is the equivalent to two semesters of full time studies.

Why Choose Fleming

This program is delivered at Fleming College’s Haliburton Campus, located in central Ontario's spectacular Haliburton Highlands region and home to the Haliburton School of The Arts, renowned for outstanding arts programming. Designed for visual artists, the contemporary architecture maximizes natural light in the studios, classrooms and common areas. It's the perfect environment to flourish as an artist.

Fleming students have unique and flexible options for earning their diploma in the visual arts. Once students have completed their certificate, they can continue their education by enrolling in two more semesters of study to complete their Visual and Creative Arts diploma.  Students can continue their arts education through transfer agreements with Emily Carr University of Art and Design and OCAD University. (Ontario College of Art and Design).

The certificate programs are delivered in an intensive format in which two semesters of credits can be completed in only 15 weeks. Each certificate course comprises 32.5 hours of in-class instruction with an additional 15 hours of technician - guided, independent studio time. Faculty members are not only professional artists and designers, but also dedicated teachers who are intent upon the development of your technical skills, creative thinking, and artistic integrity. The 40-year history of the Haliburton School of The Arts is proof of the passion and focus of its faculty, administration, and support staff, whose collaboration provides an environment rich in potential for studies in the arts.

Is this You?

You will need these traits and abilities in this program:

  • open minded
  • interest in ongoing exploration of  your own creativity
  • willingness to learn from others
  • manual dexterity
  • ability to commit to intensive format

Career Opportunities

  • You have started a life-long learning experience in the discipline of fibre arts, with endless options in your pursuit of a career in this field.
  • This program will appeal to the serious student who is seeking to build an excellent foundation portfolio of work before pursuing further studies, to apply their learning to another medium, or to explore apprenticeship, freelance, or teaching career options.

Minimum Admission Requirements

OSSD with the majority of credits at the College (C) and Open (O) level, including:

  • 2 College (C) English courses (Grade 11 or Grade 12) 

When (C) is the minimum course level for admission, (U) or (U/C) courses are also accepted.

Mature Students

If you are 19 years of age or older before classes start, and you do not possess an OSSD, you can write the Canadian Adult Achievement Test to assess your eligibility for admission.

Related Programs

The Fibre Arts Certificate comprises 14 of the elective credit requirements for the Visual and Creative Arts Diploma - also available at Haliburton School of The Arts.

Diploma Requirements

This 15-week certificate can be applied to both the Visual and Creative Arts Diploma and the Integrated Design Diploma - Specialist Options.

Additional Costs

There will be additional expenses of approximately $500 for texbooks and equipment in addition to the material fee included in the tuition.


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