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2014 T2202A Form

As of February 2, 2015 an electronic version of the T2202A form is available through the student centre for current registered students. Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) dictates that a full or part-time course fee must exceed $100, must be at a post-secondary level and must be greater than 3 consecutive weeks in duration to be eligible for a T2202A. Your T2202A will show the eligible fee amounts paid in 2014, including tuition, alumni, information technology, student assistance, student service support fees as well as lab and supplemental exam fees. Excluded fees include parking, student building fund, health plan, SAC, camp fees and supply fees. General interest courses and workshops are not eligible for T2202A consideration.

Reporting Errors or obtaining a replacement copy for the current year:

If there is an error on your T2202A Form, we will replace it at no charge, replacements will cost $10.00. You may request a replacement copy by emailing:

Requests for T2202A Forms prior to 2013 tax year:

If you require a copy of your T2202A for tax years prior to 2013, you may request the form by completing and submitting the Request for Historical T2202A Tax Form. A $10 fee will apply.

If your address is incorrect:

If Canada Post has a change of address form, they will forward your T2202A to your new residence. If not, it will be sent back to the College. You may update your home address by accessing the student portal and clicking the student centre tab at the top of the page.

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