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Academic Fees

International and domestic tuition and ancillary fees vary by program and are listed on individual program pages.

Living Expenses

The following is the approximate breakdown on the cost of living for an 8 month academic year for a student studying at Fleming College.

  • Room and Board @ $600/month ($4,800.00)
  • Transportation @ $70/month ($560.00)
  • Miscellaneous @ $100/month ($800.00)
  • Total Living Expenses: $6,160.00

Note: Find your housing early for the best rates. Campus Residences have a deadline for application.

Health Costs

As an international student in Canada, you are responsible for all medical expenses incurred during your stay in Fleming College and in Canada. A short stay in the hospital can mean thousands of dollars in medical bills and ruin forever your dreams of continuing with your education in Canada.

All foreign students must have adequate medical coverage during their stay in Canada. Students studying at Fleming College will be insured through ETFS Insurance. Cost of insurance will be approximately $370.00 per semester and is included in your tuition fee.

Reception Service Costs

Transportation costs from your country to Canada are your responsibility. When you arrive at the Toronto airport, you will need to arrange for transportation to either our Peterborough, Lindsay or Haliburton campus. We recommend that you use Century Airline Services, located at the Ground Transportation Booth. The trip to Peterborough costs approximately $95 Canadian per person; the trip to Lindsay costs approximately $160 Canadian per person. If you wish to reserve a seat ahead of time, please notify the International Office and we will be happy to make the reservation for you.

When you arrive, you may need lodging for a few days until you find suitable accommodation. We can recommend single rooms at motels in both cities that are clean, warm, safe and comfortable. Again, please ask us to make these arrangements for you before you arrive. Have a safe journey!!

Refund Policy

International Refund Policy

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