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Learn More About Fleming!

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Resources for You.

Fleming has developed a number of tools to keep you informed of services and activities available to support your learning and living experiences.

Be a Part of It.

We encourage all students to play an active role in the Fleming community. Join clubs, work on campus, play sports, be a part of your student government.

Experience the Fleming Advantage

Fleming College offers a unique, immersive Canadian experience in a safe, friendly, student-centred environment, with an affordable standard of living and access to a variety of cultural and recreational activities.

Learning and Living in Canada

Fleming College is located in the heart of the Kawarthas Tourist Region, a region offering a variety of activities for all seasons; skating and skiing in Winter; canoeing and swimming in Summer; hiking and cycling in the Spring and Fall.

We are located just outside the Greater Toronto Area, 120 km (90 minutes) from downtown Toronto and easily accessible through highway, bus and train transit.

We have made the following resources available to keep you in touch and informed of the services and support available for your student.

Contacting Students In An Emergency

If you have a family emergency and need to contact your daughters or sons, please be prepared to provide their Program and Campus Location when calling 1-866-353-6464. This number can be used during weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. See additional safety and community contact information.

Welcome to Fleming College. The staff members of the Department of Security & Safety are here to provide a safe and welcoming environment for the members of the Fleming Community.

We have a variety of services and initiatives in place to keep our campus safe, including:

  • Uniformed guards patrolling the campus and residences.
  • House Safety Phones and Code Blue Emergency Posts, located throughout the College.
  • Surveillance cameras located inside and outside the College to deter unwanted behaviour.
  • An Emergency Notification System is in place to provide information to the community during an emergency.
  • Emergency Procedures are posted in public areas, lecture theatres and in classrooms.
  • A Safe Walk Service is available in the evenings to walk with you while on campus. Contact Security at the Information Kiosk or at extension 8000 to arrange for a guard to meet you.
  • A Battery Booster is available at the Information Kiosk if you need assistance starting your car.

Please take the time to read our Emergency Procedures Section to get familiar with what you should do during and emergency on campus.

Preventing Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence On Campus

Fleming College believes that diversity, equity and inclusion are cornerstones of success for both students and staff. Our promise is an inclusive community where we can Learn, Belong, Become. Our actions demonstrate that we are committed to removing barriers and actively evolving a culture of respect, recognition, and accommodation, as well as a celebration of each others' unique contributions to Fleming's learning and working environment.

Sexual assault and sexual violence are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. We take seriously our commitment to support those who experience sexual violence, and we work diligently on campus and with community partners on programs, policies and resources to ensure that our campus remains free from sexual violence.

The College's Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy and Procedure provides resources to support individuals and groups who may be directly or indirectly involved in working with persons who have experienced sexual violence.

How You Can Help:

  • Don't be a bystander: There's always more than one option for a bystander. Take a stand safely and do something that you feel comfortable with.
  • Stand up against sexual violence and sexism: When we ignore harmful jokes, we create an environment where demeaning words can turn into sexual violence.
  • Be part of creating a safer world: Consent matters. Only yes means yes.

You can also review tips for personal safety on campus here.

Fleming alumni are over 60,000 strong! Keep in touch with your college and fellow alumni and support the future growth and success of Fleming College.

As you proudly crossed the stage to accept your diplomas and certificates you were also joining a family of 58,000 fellow alumni who understand the feeling of uncertainty (better known as, ‘So, what do I do now?’) which some of you may be feeling. Fleming College and your Alumni Relations office will continue to support you, ensuring you have access to the resources you need in order to confidently take the next steps towards reaching your professional goals.

Get Connected. Do Something Extraordinary!

Go to the Alumni Relations page

Your Generosity Builds Futures

The mission of the Fleming College Advancement team is to contribute to the success and development of Fleming College by providing financial assistance to students and support for college capital needs.

The past year has been one of economic challenge in many sectors, including education. Our students, like most in post secondary education, have felt the crunch. Donor support during this time has made a real difference for our students. Many of them would not have been able to support themselves, or in some cases even attend Fleming College, without your help. During these difficult economic times, Fleming alumni, friends, faculty and staff have shown extraordinary generosity to our students by funding and creating bursaries and contributing to capital projects to help ensure the quality of our learning environments are exceptional.

In a tough economy, donor support is a sign of confidence in what we are doing here at Fleming College. Your gift ensures that students today and in the future have the opportunity to "learn, belong and become".

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