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Fleming Hosts First Electrical Safety Symposium


Fleming College invites the public to the first Electrical Safety Symposium at Fleming College on January 15th. Organizer Craig Elliot, professor in the Electrical Technician Program at Fleming, said it is the first organized event that he knows of that has featured this many influential industry experts to speak on safety. "The symposium will give students the opportunity to hear from the experts before they enter the workforce," said Elliot, "and it is also an opportunity for workers in the field to learn how safety regulations have changed."Speakers will be:Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) – Peter Garrett, Eastern Ontario Senior Inspector – presenting ESA mandate and governance. Electrical Utilities Safety Association – Mike Doherty – presenting a message on Electrical Safety Hazards Howe Brand Communications Gavan Howe – speaking on why trained electricians take risks and the role of communications aimed at modifying this risk taking behaviour. Exhibitors will include: The Ontario Electrical League, Ideal Industries, Guillevins International of Peterborough, International Safety Systems Inc., Safe and Sound Manufacturing Inc of Bowmanville, FLIR Systems Inc, Westex Inc, Keltek Safety Apparel, and PVE Associates. Where: Fleming College Sutherland Campus, main foyer When: January 15, 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.