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Fire Department Offers 17 Volunteer Positions to Firefighters Class


The North Kawartha Emergency Services is offering additional training, part time employment and housing for students enrolled in the Firefighter program at Fleming College. The department is offering 17 spots to students to become paid volunteer firefighters. The students can live within the Emergency Services residences for $500 a month (including heat, hydro, water and satellite). You will be a paid, on call, member of our department responding to emergencies after you have received the appropriate training from us. "The idea is to immerse yourself in the culture of the Fire service for the year you are in the Pre-Fire service program, therefore it will be like living in a fire station for that year," explained Fire Chief Max McCauley.The firefighter program at Fleming still has spaces available for the January start. It is not often students get to work applying the new skills they are learning on a daily basis with a volunteer fire department and get paid for it. "This practical work experience will certainly position the students well when they are searching for full-time employment upon graduation", said Paul Legacy, Dean of the School of Law, Justice and COmmunity Services at Fleming. The Fleming program is three consecutive semesters long, and students can apply to the Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training Program at ontariocolleges.ca.Students who have been accepted into the Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training program at Fleming College, and who want to find out more information about these paid volunteer firefighting positions, can contact North Kawartha Emergency Services at 705-656-4445, or visit the website: www.northkawartha.on.ca.